Having A Kid Is Easier Than Having A Dog…So Far

    I’m sure the title has already made you feel a certain way about me, most likely a lot of doubt, frustration, or even anger but give me a chance to explain. Before I dive into the details, this is just my experience with the situation and this does not mean I am trying to state that having a kid is easier all the time. Also you should know I went above and beyond for my dogs which probably made it more difficult but none the less here we go.

Getting Up In the Middle of the Night

  • With a newborn you might have to get up every few hours to feed or change the baby. With a puppy you have to get up, get dressed, go outside, wait for them to pee or poop (which can take a long time), and then put them back in their crate and HOPE they fall back asleep so you can too. For the baby all you have to do is reach over and get the baby out of the bassinet, you don’t even have to turn the lights on. Having to get up 3 times in a night with a baby is so much easier than 1 time for a puppy.

Getting Them To Sleep

  • Now Mama Bird and I didn’t have a colicky baby so I can’t even begin to understand what that is like to have hours of crying for no reason and I sympathize with those parents. But our baby didn’t have those issues so when she was crying in the middle of the night it was either hungry, wet diaper, or gas pains. So if we fed her, changed her diaper, or did leg and tummy exercises to get the gas out she would fall asleep relatively quickly. When Thor was a puppy he had such bad separation anxiety that I had to sleep on the floor beside his crate because that is the only way he wouldn’t cry ALL night. I also had to keep my fingers rested through the gate in the crate and if I accidentally moved while sleeping and they fell out, he would start to whine instantly.  Now I know what you’re thinking, why don’t you just let him whine it out he will eventually fall asleep. Nope. I tried that and he whined literally all night!

Accidents vs. Soiled Diapers

  • Pee and poop accidents are going to happen with a dog and that is completely ok because it’s a learning process for them but its much easier to change a diaper than to deal with a huge pee on the floor that you just stepped in and now you have to change your socks and pants because the bottom of them are pee-soaked.  Or when your dog decides to poop behind the TV on all the cords and you literally have to hunt it out by smelling and then have to not only clean the poop but every single cord….literally the WORST.  And yes Thor did do this.

Doctors vs. Vets

  • Seeing my dogs or baby in any sort of pain or discomfort is heart wrenching for me. I have a hard time dealing with it (once Baby Bird actually hurts herself from falling or something I will be an absolute wreck haha). When the dogs get sick or limp or just have something going on and they can’t tell me what’s happening and there isn’t a general series of things I can do to make it better, I have to wait it out or take them to the vet. When the baby is showing signs of discomfort or that something is wrong there is a series of steps I can try before going to a doctor.  Maybe they are hungry or need a diaper change or have gas pain or stomach cramps. In both situations if there is a problem and you have to take them in, it doesn’t even compare. Going to a FREE (yes we still pay through our taxes but it doesn’t compare) doctor anytime you want and finding out there is no problem, well you head right back home.  Versus going to a vet and finding out there is nothing wrong, it will cost you about $150 minimum and if there happens to be something wrong then watch out $$$$. Not to mention there is even a hotline for parents with newborn babies to call 24 hours a day for the first 3 months if they have any worries or concerns. And the nurse on the other end of the phone is very kind and personable and can help guide you in what steps to take.  Good luck finding that service for your pooch. 

    Again I want to state that this is just my experience and I’m not trying to offend anyone. I know that there will be harder times coming in the future with kids but as of right now I had to go through way more with the dogs [but it was all worth it :) ]. And who knows I might be eating my words in a month or two, so if you see a post in the future that talks about difficulties with kids feel free to bring this debate up and see how I feel at that time. But I also want to know what is your take on this topic? How did you find dealing with a newborn vs. A puppy? Let me know in the comments below. And don't forget to like and share this post.

- Papa Bird

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