Good Parenting Tool

I think we can all remember our parents asking us, "How was your day?" after school everyday and us replying with "ok" or "fine". We thought our parents were just being annoying and overbearing or nosy. Now, maybe you have your own kids in school and you're the overbearing parent trying to figure out what's going on in their lives and trying to read into those bogus answers.

I recently came across a list that Simple Simon and Company made a couple years ago for parents struggling to get a legit answer from their kids. It is "25 Ways To Ask Your Kids How Was School Today (Without Asking How Was School Today)" and the list is really good. There are information gathering questions, light hearted questions, and even a few funny questions.  All aimed at retrieving a more detailed response from your child regarding their day at school. To give you a preview, some of the questions that I like best are as follows:

#1.  What was the best thing that happened at school today?  (What was the worst thing that happened at school today?)

#7.  How did you help somebody today?

#10.  When were you the happiest today?

#12.  If an alien spaceship came to your class and beamed up someone who would you want them to take?

#18.  Who in your class do you think you could be nicer to?

#20.  Who is the funniest person in your class?  Why is he/she so funny?

You can check out all 25 questions by clicking here.

They also have a list for asking your teens about their day at school and you can check that out by clicking here.

It's a great list and I will definitely be using some of these questions when Baby Bird (and any future kids) start school.

What do you think of this list? Do you have another strategy that works for you with your kids? Let me know in the comments below.

- Papa Bird