Funny Moments At The Sparrow House: Part 2 - Thor and Storm

    Another set of funny moments at the Sparrow house, this time it’s all about Thor and Storm. If you want to check out part 1 which is all about Baby Bird, click here. As I was in the middle of writing this post we got a message about a suggested topic to do this exact post, what a coincidence! So it’s part reader suggested topic as well. Alright, some funny dog moments, let’s get into it, I hope you enjoy. (Give the page a second to load because the GIF's might take a bit)

Thor Playing Keep Away

    Thor was so happy when we got Storm. Now he had a buddy to play with all day but what I think he loved most in the beginning was how small she was. We got the dogs a year apart, so Thor was pretty much full grown when we brought Storm home. He just towered over her and obviously he was faster, stronger, and smarter too. Once he figured out that she was not big enough to reach anything in his mouth he started to make a game of it. It was like he found so much amusement with teasing. What he would do is, as soon as he picked up a toy in his mouth, he would just slightly lift his head up and just trot around so nonchalantly. The whole time he would do this Storm would be right there running and jumping her little heart out to try and reach the toy to take it out of his mouth. She wasn’t even coming close but she would just keep trying over and over and over haha. It looked something like this ↓

Thor Keeping Toy Away From Storm.gif

Storm TRYING To Play Keep Away

    Because Thor would take away the toy, bone, or whatever he wanted from Storm, because let’s face it her 10 lb. body was no match for Thor’s 70 lb frame. After a very short time of being in her new place of living, Storm found out that she could take items under furniture so that Thor couldn’t get to them. He was too big and she could stay there as long as she wanted and he would never be able to get the toy away from her. Thor would either be patient and just stare at her waiting for her to make a mistake or he would go to where she couldn’t see him and then once she came out he would pounce. In the one clip below you see Thor standing on the bed while he leaves a toy out in the open just so that when Storm goes to get it he can pounce. And that is exactly what he did haha. In the other clip Storm is under the couch chewing on the ball but she must have been a little too confident because she wasn’t as deep under the couch as she thought. She thought she was far enough away from Thor but just then he steals it and she is left under the couch with a disappointed look on her face haha.

Storm Trying To Steal The Toy.gif
Thor Steals Toy From Storm.gif

Up The Butt

    Now this story might not be that funny to everyone but it entertains me. As a puppy, Thor would always walk in between my legs if I was standing around or walking away from him. I don’t know what it was but he just loved to walk in between my legs. If I was sitting down he slept in between my feet. If I was sleeping, he would curl up in between my legs on the bed. And if he wanted me to play ball or frisbee with him he would run between my legs and almost try and stop me from moving forward until I played with him. He then started to do it when other people were coming over to the house. But the funny part is that not very many of the people coming over are as tall as me. So Thor moving forward at the same speed he usually does when he runs through my legs doesn’t have the clearance in between other peoples legs. So the tip of his nose would jam into their butt, right around the hole haha. The people being in so much shock having a dog jam his nose in that region would do a butt clench so tight and make such funny startling sounds. It was pretty funny haha.

Butt Clench GIF.gif
Up The Butt GIF.gif

    Which one do you think is the funniest? Let me know in the comments down below. Stay posted for the next ‘Funny Moments At The Sparrow House’ to see what kind of shenanigans are happening. Keep the topic suggestions coming, we are trying to get through all of them as fast as we can. We love writing them. And also don’t forget to spread the word, let’s make Two Birds One Blog huge this year 👍

- Papa Bird