Funny Moments At The Sparrow House: Part 1 - Baby Bird

    Along with all the happy, sad, frustrating, chaotic moments that come with having a new baby, there are also some hilarious ones. This is going to be an ongoing post involving the funniest moments at the Sparrow Household and I’m sure there are going to be LOTS of them. Below are a few stories about Baby Bird that made Mama Bird and I have a good laugh:

Peeing On Mama Bird

  • It’s time for Baby Birds first bath, so Mama Bird goes to get Baby Bird undressed while I am getting the bath ready. Mama Bird comes into the bathroom with Baby Bird ready to go but I haven’t gotten the bath to the right temperature yet. So Mama Bird sits down and rests Baby Bird on her legs so she is facing her. While I’m finishing getting the temperature right, all of a sudden I hear Mama Bird exclaim “She’s peeing!!” So I turn my head and sure enough, Baby Bird has peed all over Mama Bird and it’s soaked through all of her clothes. You wouldn’t think so much pee could come out of such a small little baby. Mama Bird passes Baby Bird to me so she can go quickly clean herself off and change while I smile and have a laugh at the situation.

Ninja Pooping

  • Now I wish I would have caught this on video but I didn’t so I will try to explain. For the first month or so when Baby Bird had to poop and was laying on her back she would have these really funny movements. All of sudden she would bring her legs up close to her body like she was about to do a big kick. Then in, what I can only describe as Bruce Lee Kung Fu, she would have these big wild arm movements and this funny face that would then end in a HUGE poop = ninja pooping haha.

Farting During Sex

  • So far Baby Bird has been sleeping in a bassinet in our room. Once the 6 week appointment happened and Mama Bird got the all clear to resume all activity (bow chicka wow wow, it’s sexy time ;) haha) we attempted to try to get Baby Bird to sleep early so we could get our fun time in before we got too tired. This one night in particular a few days back Mama Bird and I were having our bit of steamy fun and we could hear Baby Bird start to stir. She wasn’t waking up, it just sounded like she was moving around because of gas pain. So we continue our amorous activity when all of a sudden Baby Bird lets out a huge fart!. A fart so loud I can only describe it as “grown man farting” and it wasn’t just one fart it was 3 back to back to back and each louder than the previous one. Once she finished her trio of loud farts she went right back to sleep as if nothing happened. Mama Bird and I both begin to laugh so hard. A bit of a mood killer but hey you have to finish what you started.

                                        - Papa Bird

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