First Day of A Big Change

     Today is a big day, it's Mama Bird's first day back at work from being on maternity leave and Papa Bird's first day of being Mr. Mom. We are going to talk about it through each of our own perspectives. Check it out below.

Mama Bird's Day

What I Expected and How It Actually Went

The last few months have been tough to say the least.  I have a busy-body mindset and as involved as I have been with Baby Bird, there has been a big part of me that has kind of been left behind ever since I went on maternity leave.  This last week I have nothing short of impatiently awaiting my return to work.  I’ve felt excited and a tad nervous that I’d have forgotten everything, but I fully expected to enjoy my first day back at work.  Maternity leave has served as a bit of, what I relate to as, solitary confinement..aka too much thinking time.  I expected my first day back at work to serve as a reset and introduce some routine and mental load back into my life.  


And here we are! The end of day 1!  And it was AMAZING!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom and I love Baby Bird, but it was seriously awesome to be back at work.  Needless to day I didn’t forget everything and found myself feeling as though I’d never left.  It was really great to see all my wonderful coworkers and catch up on everyones lives.  You don’t know how much of these little details you miss until you don’t have them.  I also found myself revitalized a bit and really appreciating my job more than I ever have before.  My patience level has really advanced since having Baby Bird and I find myself applying that to my patients which leads to them having a better experience and me feeling rewarded. 

The Positive

  • Going back to work has been seriously ALL positive.  The routine.  The mental stimulation.  The people.  The patients.  The professional side being so eager to pursue.  All I want to do is be a stellar mom and kick ass in the professional world.  And it is TOTALLY possible which is super exciting!
  • Papa Bird gets to be Mr. Mom and I am SO confident in his ability with Baby Bird and sustaining our household that it actually excites me to give him this opportunity.
  • At the end of my work day, I want nothing more to come home to my baby and my hubby.  It’s really a game changer having the ability to pursue your career while still being able to come home to two of the most important people.  It makes you appreciate your time with them even more.

The Negative

  • Honestly, the only negative was not seeing Papa Bird or Baby Bird for most of the day.  It's always tough returning to a schedule that doesn't allow for the usual hangout time..especially coming off of maternity leave when literally everyday was a hangout day! But my appreciation for the time I do get with these two is definitely making up for it! 

Papa Bird's Day

What I Expected and How It Actually Went

Knowing that this day was coming I definitely had some expectations and pretty much all of them   played out as expected, which was great. I felt the day, although tough for Mama Bird, would be great for her. It would give her the sense of community she was missing, give her back the work purpose she was missing, and keep her busy which is what she needs. It sounds like that is exactly how it played out. Within an hour or two of being there I received a text of how great it was going for her. So success! For me I felt that the day was going to be filled with Baby Bird-Papa Bird time and getting lots of stuff done and crossing it off the list. That is exactly what happened. I got so much time with Baby Bird. Just hanging out, singing, dancing, and errand running. On top of that I got a great workout in and pretty much everything done on my list of to-do's for today. If only it was sunnier outside today...somehow I think it should have been nicer outside haha.

The Positive

  • Great time with Baby Bird, Thor, and Storm. Baby Bird was so smiley, she got kisses from the dogs, she got tummy time and time in her exersaucer, and 2 really good naps. 
  • Baby Bird didn't have a fussy day at all so it gave me so much time to get things done.
  • Forget the diaper bag, I got to put together my diaper backpack so I'm ready to go whenever and wherever I need to with Baby Bird (I LOVE prepping and organizing! So much fun! I know I'm crazy haha)

The Negative

  • There is only one negative but it is a huge one, Mama Bird wasn't here for the day. Since Baby Bird has been born, for the last 6 months, Mama Bird and I haven't spent more than a couple hours apart. We got to hang out every single day pretty much the whole day and experience everything that was happening with Baby Bird with each other. It was fantastic. I know that maternity leave had to come to an end but there were moments today when I thought, Mama Bird should be here right now. But I know she is loving work, so that's great.

There you have it, the first day of back to work for the Sparrow household. Let us know how your transition of leaving maternity or paternity leave went in the comments down below.

- Mama and Papa Bird