First Date Night

    Well last night was a big night for Papa Bird and I!  It was our first official, NO BABY, date night.   Over the last couple of weeks, we have been longing for some adult time.  We try to make a point of getting “quality time” in everyday but occasionally you need to actually get out of the house and reconnect.  So Papa Bird, being the gentleman that he is, planned for the in-laws to come over and babysit while we headed out on an actual dinner date.  

    When I found out we were heading on a date, I was excited but naturally a bit anxious about leaving Baby Bird behind.  I also had zero idea of what to wear or what would even fit for that matter!  But I have to say, it was nice having a shower, doing my hair and make up and putting on something other than leggings and a sweater.  It felt like the old days when Papa Bird and I would go on dinner dates and get dolled up for fun.  And as hard as it was to leave Baby Bird, I felt a bit of my normal self come back just getting ready for our date.

    We went to The Keg (which is only like 2 minutes from our house) and enjoyed a nice steak dinner and a drink.  It felt totally weird not having Baby Bird there with us.  I almost felt a bit paranoid that we had accidentally left her in the car or something haha but after the first few initial minutes of weirdness, we put it out of our minds and focused our UNDIVIDED attention on each other.  No cell phones out.  No baby monitor on the table.  Just the two of us.  It was absolutely LOVELY.  

    As impressed as I was of us actually leaving the house without Baby Bird, I was even more impressed that we didn’t even talk about her all night.  We actually spent the evening reminiscing in the early stages of our relationship.  It was a very revitalizing night to be able to reconnect with each other and take a minute to appreciate one another.  

    If you haven’t already done so, make sure you take the time to go on a baby-less date with your hubby! It’s not only important for your relationship, but it’s also important for your little one to know that you continue to put effort into your marriage.  A broken marriage is a broken family.  So make the time and effort that your relationship needs and deserves.  And for us, the cherry on top of such a wonderful evening was coming home to our beautiful baby girl and being greeted with the biggest smile. Let us know what your first baby-less date night experience was like in the comments below.

                                            - Mama Bird

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