Finding Time

    Having a child comes with SOO many amazing moments that I find myself just sitting there trying to hold on to every little one while not even realizing that there are other moments passing me by. Specifically, the quality time between me and Mama Bird. Mama bird and I have definitely noticed that we have to try so much harder to make sure we get quality time with one another.

    We are used to doing everything together from cooking, to walking the dogs, to biking, to showering :) haha. Although we are still doing activities together we are having to really focus on connecting during those times to make sure we don’t neglect ourselves.  It is way too easy to take turns with Baby Bird, switch off napping, try to independently get the things we want done in the day and before you know it the day is gone and we haven’t gotten any time together - or any quality time at least.

    So today Mama bird had a great idea to go for a bike around town. This was an awesome spur of the moment idea. We called up Nana Bird to see if she wanted to babysit and she said “Yes, I will be right over”. We got the bikes ready and headed off on our journey. We got in 19.5 km and had an amazing time together. It was a complete recharge and we got in some great conversation and great exercise, so two birds, one stone [ ;) hehe ]. It made our day and put us in such a great mood.


      My suggestion to you is surprise your spouse with a day date and get some quality timein. Even if it’s only an hour!  They will thank you for it and you will feel great for doing it.  Show some love. Let us know what you did to surprise your spouse in the comments below.

                                     - Papa Bird

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