Facing Fears…..and I’ve Got A Story For You

    Facing your fears can be an incredibly hard thing to accomplish no matter how small the fear seems to other people. We all develop fears for different reasons and what we have each gone through at different stages, some seem legitimate, some don’t. But regardless of that, a fear is something you do not want to pass along, especially an irrational one. 

    Mama Bird and I love talking about the future. Thinking of different ‘what if…’ scenarios, or what we want our kids to pick up from us or what we want to avoid in our parenting journey and all kinds of topics like that. Recently the topic was our fears and how we don’t want to Baby Bird and any future kids to pick up on the irrational ones we have.

    One thing that having kids gives us, and anybody who has their own kids the opportunity to do, is to face your fears head on. I know, easier said than done but that’s why you start early when they can’t really perceive what is going on, in case you mess up in the process. It’s time to start the self improving.

    Now you may not get rid of the fear all together because some of them are so ingrained in us but maybe you will be able to hide succumbing to the fear and put on a front for your kids. Because an irrational fear is not something that you want your child to develop. For example, let’s say that getting behind the wheel of a car and driving in traffic makes you weak at the knees, throw up in your mouth scared. You need to make sure your child doesn’t pick up on it and think that is how you should be behind the wheel of a car. If that’s all they see all the time then it may create that fear in them. I’m not saying that you can’t be scared but at the very least you need to put on a front for them.

    Mama Bird and I each have specific fears, that starting now, we are working on not letting them bother us. For Mama Bird it’s a fear of heights and for me it’s spiders. So step by step, day by day as we encounter these fears we have to face it head on as best we can and I encourage you to do the same.

EMBRACE THE DISCOMFORT and let yourself grow! 

And now story time because I haven’t done story time in quite some time. I have lots of stories of encountering my fear of spiders but here’s a good one. 


    In high school there was a group of us who went down to Ecuador to do a little basketball camp/help build a church type event. At one point in the trip we took a little journey into the jungle to a small town to help some people out. While on a break my friends and I took a walk down a stream led by a couple local kids. At one point on the journey the kids are showing how to catch these water spiders that skim across the water. They caught them by pinning their front legs and keeping them far enough away from their fingers as to not let the spiders fangs lock on because they were in fact poisonous. 

    All of my friends know how strong my fear of spiders is and while being shown these spiders all my friends are huddling around the kids really interested and I’m about 20 feet back avoiding any spider interaction at all costs. Then one of my friends notices how far away I am and as a joke tries to tell the kid holding the spider to bring it towards me. At first I’m all calm and just like “haha very funny”. But then all my friends get in on it and all start trying to tell this kid to take the spider to me. The kid doesn’t understand English but sees all my friends smiling, laughing, and pointing at the spider and then me, so he is enjoying it and starts walking towards me. As he steps closer to me I start to get panicked and upset, “kid I know you can’t understand me but if you come any closer I will have do something. You need to stop now!” Haha. I’m scared and everyone is laughing so hard and he gets closer and closer and I get more scared and upset with each step. Then as he was right near me (he was actually probably a good 10 feet away but it felt like inches away haha) one of my friends finally ended the joke and stopped the kid from coming any closer.

    So the kid walks away to go set the spider down. Once he does, guess where the spider runs? Right at me!! It runs right by my leg and past me and I freak out and just book it back to the camp! Haha

I hope you enjoyed the story and if you like story time and want to hear more stories let me know down in the comments below. Hope you have a great day!

- Papa Bird