Date Nights That Don't Require A Babysitter

     Having a little one means all the attention that you used to give your husband is now on the baby. Babies truly are incredible creatures. Their smell. Their cheeks. Their little hands and feet. It's no wonder you become obsessed. But as easy as it is to always have them be the centre of attention, it's important to continue putting effort into your marriage. After all it was the two of you that created this tiny bundle of joy.

     It can be a bit intimidating to get a babysitter. Especially when your baby is super young and you haven't discovered your own confidence as a parent yet, let alone having confidence in someone else to watch your little peanut! So I've compiled a list of a few date nights that are for you and your hubby that don't require a babysitter.

Mama and Papa Bird at Cafe Haven
  1. A coffee date to a local cafe. We love going to Cafe Haven (a local cafe for us). It's a place we have been going to ever since we started dating. The atmosphere is cozy and the staff are always friendly. Along with the delicious food and drinks, is a very laid back feeling where papa Bird and I always seem to connect. Baby bird of course joins us but usually spends her time sleeping in her car seat...which equals alone time for us! Win!
  2. Wine and Scrabble. Papa Bird and I are crazy board game fanatics. We each are quite competitive individually so it adds a good energy when we are playing against one another. Add a little wine and maybe light a candle and boom you've changed your dining room table into a game night oasis. Baby bird again usually just hangs out in her dock a tot or if she starts to fuss we can hold her and still enjoy our time together.
  3. River valley adventure. Fortunately we live in a city that has an out standing river valley trail system. It provides the perfect setting for a day time adventure that the whole family can enjoy. On these journeys we often find ourselves having deep conversations as the day to day hustle and bustle is easily forgotten. Definitely a prime connecting activity!
  4. Masterchef-ing.  Even though the day is crazy, you still have to put dinner on the table. So why not make it a joint activity. Spend the time together in the kitchen, pour a glass of wine, get some beats pumpin and whip up a new creation. It's really super fun to pretend to be insane chefs even though all you've made is grilled cheese and tomato soup!
  5. Movie and massage. Let's be honest, when you have a baby physical touch between you and your partner is a little lacking. Specifically if your in the "no go 6 week zone." For me, I LOVE massages. They help me destress, they feel great, and I feel more connected to papa Bird just simply from the physical touch. So flick on a movie and treat each other to a neck or foot rub. It will do you wonders!

     Like, share, and let us know what you and your spouse do for date nights in the comments below! We are always looking for new ideas! 

- Mama Bird

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