Combatting Crazy This Holiday Season (or any other chaotic time of the year)

    Life is busy.  Sometimes chaotic.  Sometimes stressful.  Sometimes confusing.  And that's just the way it goes.  No matter how organized, or how much of a planner you are, life has it's crazy moments.  So what do you do to weather the storm?  Well, I think the answer to this question varies from person to person.  Some people handle things really well, while others hardly stay afloat.  With the holidays fast approaching, this time of year can be a trigger for the crazies.  Lots of people. Lots of added pressure. Lots of financial responsibilities.  A jam packed schedule.  Too much Egg Nog.  Excessive weight gain from social eating and drinking.  Exhaustion.  Christmas is wonderful, but it's no joke that the struggle is real.  Below are some ways to combat the year end chaos.

 1. Find Your Constant

      Stress always accompanies change.  But change is good isn't it?  Well, sometimes.  If you utilize the opportunity correctly.  And how do you do that?  You need a constant.  You need someone who can ground you in the midst of insanity.  Someone who can read your emotion, understand it, and then offer guidance.  Maybe it's your wife.  Maybe it's a friend.  Maybe it's your mom.  And maybe it depends on the situation.  Knowing who your constants are in the fast paced rat race, will save you.

 2. Know Your Limit

      Yes this also pertains to your alcohol intake, but here I am more so referring to scheduling events.  If you are a person who needs alone time to recharge, than it is absolutely a MUST to ensure that matter what is going on.  You will be no use to anyone or anything if you're an unravelling stress ball.  Know when to say no - to events and refills.

 3. Open Communication

      In this crazy world, people are afraid to be honest.  And it is absolutely silly.  Letting people know that you need to slow down and pull in the reigns a bit is OKAY.  Nobody is expecting you to be a superhero.  Honest and open communication will allow those around you to understand what you are going through and maybe even offer assistance or support if you need it.  

4. Prioritize

      At the end of the day, what's important to you?  Is it your family?  Maybe it's time with your kids?  Maybe it's curling up on the couch and reading your favourite book?  Maybe it's catching up on the 'This Is Us' episodes (because they are SOOOOOOO GOOD - we'll talk about that later).  If you don't know what is important to you, life is going to be a crazy ride filled with emptiness and unfulfillment.  And if you know what is important to you, then make it your number 1.  You will thank me later.

5. Simplify and Approach it with Love

      No matter what you do in life, approach it with love.  This will ensure the best results possible in every and all situations.  Often simplifying the complexities of life, with bring forward the true nature of the event - making it clearer to justify and understand.  Which will therefore make it easier for you to find meaning in it.  To love and simplifying are the best approach.

    Papa Bird and I are no pros at mastering the ins and outs of the crazies, but we do have a foundation of how to approach them.  We are always open about our feelings and communicate well.  So much so, that we can often sense something is up before even disclosing it.  (Telepathic communication is on point!). We also know that we are each other's constants.  And when things get too crazy, reeling it back a little bit and relying on one another and ensuring we get our quality time, is often a successful approach for us.  (We've actually started preemptively scheduling family time.) For example, ever since Baby Bird has come into our world we have made it a point to do brunch on Sundays.  Obviously she is too young to understand or acknowledge this family tradition, but every week it continues to hold significant value to our life.  So much so, the 'family brunch' has evolved into Sunday's being our family day.  Where we don't plan anything with anyone.  We focus on one another and do things as a family.  And it's lovely.  It sets us up for a successful balanced week.  If for some reason we schedule plans on our beloved day, we are noticing it sets us back a bit.  Hence, our desire to prioritize this day.  

    Knowing what you need is key.  It will set you up for success on the regular days, and really pull you through the chaotic ones.  Life is about being balanced and happy and enjoying all the little moments.  Don't let the natural hustle bustle get in the way.  Sit down.  Figure it out.  And enjoy this holiday season!

- Mama Bird

Thumbnail photo taken by Ashley Toon of First Glance Studios