Clean Music: Part 3 - Mountain Music

     Music is all about moods. If you are anything like me then you have music for every activity depending on what you're doing and what mood you are in. I haven't done a clean music post in a while and being that we just got back from the mountains I figured I make this one the mountain music playlist.

     Whenever Mama Bird and I go to the mountains the 'Mountain Music Playlist' is on heavy repeat and it usually doesn't get played when we aren't in the mountains to preserve the mood of the music.

     I can't describe what makes this music mountain music for me other than it just fits that mood and energy for me. And being that we just got back from a trip to Canmore I thought now would be a good time to bring back the clean music series with a mountain playlist. Enjoy.

I have found that there are certain that just fit this mood for and more than just one of their songs is on the playlist. Usually it's a huge portion of their music that's on the mountain music playlist but being that all their music is not always "clean", these are the songs that are. But on a side just listen to these artists entire catalogue as they fit the mood really good.

*I didn't put "Young Blood" on the list because that song is one of the greatest songs and goes so much further than just mountain music.

Mumford and Sons

Of Monsters and Men

Their album 'Me Head Is An Animal' is THE BEST mountain mood music album ever so listen to it all but the best song on the album is 'Mountain Sound' (obviously, duh haha)

What makes your mountain music playlist? Let me know down in the comments below. Enjoy your next trip to the mountains!

- Papa Bird