Clean Music: Part 1 - The Fresh Prince

    Being that I am a big rap and r&b fan, I knew that once my ‘Baby Bird’ was born I would need to monitor the music that I played around her (I know she can't understand the words but I wanted to get started early on keeping it clean for when she becomes a sponge and soaks up everything). I have no problems with swears being used at the right times but I do think that you have to earn the right to say them and young kids do not have the maturity to do that. I also know for my two favourite genres of music it will be a little difficult to keep it clean. Firstly, I needed to figure out what I classified as a “bad word” for my ‘Baby Bird’ and for me that starts with the word bitch and everything that is worse from then on.


    I googled for clean rap and r&b but nothing that I could find was very specific or detailed on specific songs, but rather more just suggestions of artists who “keep it clean”, that’s not good enough. Even the king of clean hip hop, Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince's, catalog has some songs that have “bad words”. In the song “You Saw My Blinker”, The Fresh Prince raps about an accident he gets into with an old lady and raps the line “…you saw my blinker bitch” multiple times throughout the song. These lists that sites have made are not all ok. So, I decided to go through my 12,000 songs, one song at a time and read lyrics to make sure. Below are some different artists and songs that are clean


1.Only the songs I mention are clean, if a song you know isn't here it means I haven't gone through it yet or its not clean

2.This does not have to do with content of lyrics but only of songs void of swears

(If you noticed I missed something with these songs let me know in the comments below)

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