Christmas Traditions

    Every family has their own Christmas traditions that have special meanings. It’s part of what makes the holidays so great! Here some of our Christmas traditions:

Does anybody else remember these from when they were kids?

Papa Bird’s Past Traditions:

  • Stocking gifts: Every single year my mom would put a ‘Lifesavers Christmas Book’ and a mandarin orange in my stocking. Don’t know why it started and even though it wasn’t a surprise I would love opening the stocking to see those two things.
  • Breakfast time: Every Christmas morning we would have fresh cinnamon buns for breakfast. So delicious!
  • Dinner time: Every Christmas we would go over to my Nana and Papa’s house for a family Christmas dinner. We have a big family and when we all got together there was over 30 of us. Great times!

Mama Bird’s Past Traditions:

 Classic Christmas puzzle

Classic Christmas puzzle

  • Christmas Pajamas: Every year my mom would set Christmas Jammie's on our bed at some point during the night.  The first thing we would wake up to was our new Christmas Pajamas, we would put them on and go unwrap presents.
  • Stockings: Stockings were always one of my favourite parts of the day.  It was so fun unwrapping so many tiny little gifts.
  • Puzzle: Every year we would work on a Christmas puzzle.  Being that I LOVE puzzles, this was one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Current Traditions:

Look how happy they are at their accomplishment :)

  • Christmas Eve Movie: Every Christmas Eve Mama Bird and I watch the movie ‘This Christmas’ and spend some quality time together. We’ve watched it 6 times now, and it just keeps getting better and better.
  • Breakfast: Fresh cinnamon buns is still a tradition, we have them every year. It’s the one time of year I purposefully over indulge in junk food haha. So tasty!
  • Friends Christmas Games Night: Every year we do a friends games night. Always a great time! I look forward to it every year!
  • Stockings: Even though we aren't nearly as good at stocking stuffer gifts as our parents were, we continue to incorporate this tradition...hopefully over time we will get better at it.
  • Destroyed: Every year we buy the dogs big stuffed dog toys that are not meant for strong dogs. Just so they can have fun destroying them. We just let them go to town on the toys and rip them apart as much as they want. They don’t eat the stuffing they just keep ripping it apart into smaller and smaller pieces. They love it!

Future Traditions

  • Christmas Jammies:  We started this one already. Baby Bird has some Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas morning. Every year a new pair of pj’s and some great photos to go along with it.
  • Christmas Activities: This year these aren’t really an option being there is basically no snow (stupid weather giving us a brown Christmas) but we want the month of December to be filled with all the different activities you do around this time of year like tobogganing, ice skating, building snowmen, snowball fights, etc. We want Baby Bird to get to experience all of that greatness.
  • Family Baking: To go along with all the activities lots of Christmas baking for Baby Bird with Mama Bird.
  • Family Movie Nights: We will pick movies that the whole family can watch every year and make a great night out of it every year.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions? Let me know in the comments down below.

We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas tomorrow! 

Thumbnail photo and this photo taken by Ashley Toon of First Glance Studios

- Mama and Papa Bird