Christmas Mini's

    This morning we had our ‘Christmas Mini’ photo shoot with our all time favourite photographer, Ashley Toon.  Unlike the traditional Christmas Mini shoot, where you pack up everyone and go to a preset studio style shoot, Ashley came to our home.  I was extremely thrilled about this because it allowed me to venture into my creative side and have full reign over what style we wanted, what clothes we wanted to wear, what backdrops we wanted, yada yada.  

    Because of my OBSESSION with navy and sparkles, it seemed only right to spend an arm and a leg at Homesense and purchase, what seemed to be, every sparkly silver home decor tree.  Naturally Papa Bird was slightly annoyed because of his OCD cleanliness, it literally drives him bonkers when he can’t get all the sparkles off the floor.  For me though, I could drown in a pool of glitter and I would be over the moon.  Plus, how can you make a winter wonderland scene without sparkles?!?  

    In my mind I pictured all of these trees staggered around with Baby Bird lying centered on a white “snowy” blanket.  Of course, Baby Bird being in a CUTE navy dress with a navy bow in her hair.  At first I thought about setting it up on our stairs because of the natural light we get from a big window there and because of the ability to stagger the trees more.  I fiddled around with this and it worked good but it wasn't quite “popping” how I wanted it to.  So I moved everything downstairs and tried the set up against our navy curtains and WOW.  Loved it!  The trees stood out nicely against the dark background and I didn’t lose the staggering tree effect because I had purchased various sizes, so it was hitting my vision bang on!  The other hurdle I had was sitting Baby Bird up.  She is just over 3 months old and is pretty good at sitting and holding herself up if she is supported in the back, but you know babies, a little lean too far to one side and their a goner!  Scrounging up objects around the house to use as back support, our case of Bocci Ball ended up doing the trick.  It was nice and heavy so when Baby Bird leaned back it didn't slide away.  Perfect!  I covered the case with a big blanket and formed an artificial “hill.” And I think it worked out well.  Baby Bird seemed comfortable during the photos and for the most part she didn’t fall over or slide around too much.

    Because the winter wonderland was only intended for our little snow princess, I decided to use our Christmas Tree as the family shoot backdrop.  It being mid-November and us having not even started our Christmas shopping, I wrapped up some empty diaper boxes to throw under the tree.  I purchased some cute wrapping paper and got some nice bows and ribbon and away I went, trying to wrap them nice and neat.  (I swear these little details really make a difference.). Not to mention, cost efficient.  I think I spent a total of $15 on wrapping supplies and voila! It looks like a tree out of the movies with cute presents wrapped perfectly! 

    I struggled a bit deciding on our family shoot outfit at first.  Should we do ugly Christmas Sweaters? Or Christmas PJ’s? Or elf costumes?  When I was out looking for outfits, I walked into Carter’s and instantly spotted the CUTEST red and black plaid shirt with black leggings.  (You should know, along with my navy and glitter obsession, I am also naturally drawn repeatedly to plaid!). So it was basically destiny.  Red and Black plaid it is! I ended up finding a shirt for myself at Old Navy, and for Papa Bird we ended up getting a plaid scarf at Indigo (because believe it or not it’s challenging to find red and black plaid tops for men that aren’t pyjamas).  We each had a Santa hat and Baby Bird and I had Santa slippers. Seriously so cute! And so us!

    If you haven’t already done your Christmas photos, I hope you can use some ideas from our photo shoot today!  Remember to use things that reflect who you guys are.  It will make you feel comfortable and therefore your photos will turn out bang on! If you need a photographer definitely check out Ashley Toon with First Glance Studios! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

- Mama Bird