Becoming A Father: The Birth of My Daughter

    In one word, becoming a father was AMAZING! I was told by multiple parents that it was so exciting to become a parent.  I thought I could grasp how great it would be but it is on a whole other level of excitement when its your own child. I guess it’s one of those things you can only fully understand once you go through it yourself.


    Sitting, waiting to be called into the operating room for the birth of my daughter, I was picturing becoming a father to this amazing human being and all the joy that I was about to feel once I held her in my arms for the first time. This moment was nothing short of incredible.  Once I was able to hold her, the joy and happiness exceeded my expectations and I cried, bursting with surreal emotion. The best way I can describe it - ‘Instant Love’. 

    In every other relationship you have in your life, love is earned through trust and loyalty of which builds over time.  Once Baby Bird was born, my love for her was instantaneous. Right away I had this feeling of protection for her and my family and she was only born minutes ago.  I knew that I would do anything for her. The fact that I created this tiny person and now she is here relying on me, was a crazy awesome feeling.

Below are 5 things that were big points from the big day:

1. I had to go through the scariest moment of my life - thinking I was going to lose my wife

- I talked about this story yesterday, if you haven’t read it click here —>

2. Doing skin to skin with my daughter (Baby Bird) right after she was born was a beautiful bonding moment

- Because Mama Bird was being stitched up after the C-section, I was able to do skin to skin with Baby Bird - holding her on my chest for the first 45 minutes of her life. This was amazing and to any dads out there, if you get this opportunity take it. Its worth it.

3. Going through the birthing process created an even stronger bond between me and my wife

- A bond that was already so amazing grew even stronger and that was a pretty cool feeling as well

4. Take lots of photos and videos to document the whole time in the hospital….but for you.

- Duh! I know it seems really simple and everyone already knows this, but its more about the specific moments. I was able to record Baby Bird’s first cry and have one of the nurses photograph me cutting the umbilical cord. Also, keep it for yourself, don't post it on social media, thats a beautiful moment and keep it precious, keep it close. As much as I would love to share these moments, it feels great to keep that piece of happiness close.

5. Being over-prepared helped to relieve stress

- Having meals ready for Mama Bird and I after we got back to our room was really good. Also having everything we needed for Baby Bird like diapers, wipes, clothes, creams, etc.

                                        - Papa Bird