BarkBox Product Review

Thor and Storm waiting for the Bark Box

    Well, it’s finally here and finally done, my BarkBox review. This was by far the most requested topic for us to do. We were flooded with suggestions to review the BarkBox and now it’s here for you to do enjoy, and hopefully it helps. For those of you who don’t know, BarkBox is a subscription service that sends you a monthly box full of goodies for your dog.

  1. First you select your dog’s size, either: Small & Cute 0-20 lbs, Just Right - 20-50 lbs, or Big & Bold - 50+ lbs
  2. Then you select your monthly plan, either paying: $29 per month for 1 month at a time, $25 per month for 6 months, or $20 per month for 12 months. (Note that this is a subscription so if at the end of 1, 6, or 12 months you haven’t cancelled you will get charged again)
  3. You then have the opportunity to add a “premium” toy to each month’s box for an extra $9.
  4. Then you create your account and just wait for the goodies to arrive every month.

    There was no doubt in my mind that Thor and Storm would love the BarkBox, the only question that needed to be answered was, Is it worth it? Well, let me break it down on how I feel about it. First off I obviously choose the ‘Big & Bold’ pack because Thor and Storm are big dogs. I chose the 1 month subscription because I didn’t know if I would continue after the first box and if I didn’t want to continue after the first box I wanted to be able to cancel right away. Next let us look at what we received in the first Bark Box. This months theme was New York so everything had to do with New York (it is pretty awesome that it’s themed and not just random. It adds a little something extra to it). This box included:

Bark Box

    Overall a very well put together box that I knew the dogs would love. On a side note I thought it was so fitting that for our first BarkBox, it had a bird in it haha. At first glance this box did not look like a big and bold box as I knew just by feeling the toys, they would not last long as you will see in the video below. 

     So I started with the toys because as soon as the dogs saw them they knew it was play time. The pigeon was first. It's a plush stuffy with a squeaker and of course the dogs loved it! They played with that bird intensely and in under 7 minutes it was DESTROYED. Yes, under 7 minutes. Well, they loved that, but that was sure fast. Success, I guess, depending on how you look at it. At least the dogs had fun and that's what's important.

     Next was the the statue of liberty head and they loved this toy as well but part way through Thor got a little whiff of something tasty in the box and thus put playing on hold.

     So the next thing to do was to try the pizza and hot dog shaped treats. Of course they loved them. Now who knows how tasty they really are to dogs but if they are actually what the label says they are, they are probably pretty delicious for them. There was no way I was going to try and see what they tasted like haha. So after a few treats of each it was safe to say those were a successful pick.

    Moving on, the next was the butchers block bone. To be honest this had me worried. It says it is a crunchy breakable tube and being that Thor and Storm are so intense with their bones I was worried that the bone would break into tiny shards and hurt their mouths because they would swallow the pieces whole. So I was right close to make sure if that happened I could pull it away. At first Thor didn't really care about the bone but then once Storm started chewing on it, he realized the possible goodness of it. They both enjoyed it but much like I expected tiny pieces that seemed sharp broke off, so I ended taking the bone away and throwing it out. So for the bone, not a success.

     Then we took a break for some much needed hydration and then right back to playing with the statue of liberty head. While it lasted much longer than the pigeon, they tore the little pieces off and left a soggy disgusting mess haha. The squeaker inside is still intact so I think I will just cut the gross fabric off of the ball and let them just play with that. A couple hours and that ball was something pretty disgusting haha.

    While the treats will last for a little bit longer, that was it for fun pretty much. Just a few hours worth and it was all pretty much gone. Really fun and enjoyable but let's break down the pros and cons:


  • Convenience, the fact that it comes to your door every month like clockwork is a definite positive.
  • Each box is really creative and has a different theme every month.
  • You get lots of items for one box. I'm not sure if every box will follow this same format but for this box there is a lot
  • Everything is high quality
  • Inexpensive if everything lasts longer than a couple hours


  • No customization of your box
  • If the toys that I received were in fact part of the Big & Bold pack, they do not hold up at all
  • Only a couple hours worth of play time
  • Expensive for a days worth of enjoyment

The Review Video

What They NEED To Change

     For me it's only one change that needs to happen, customization. When signing up there was no opportunity to say the box was for 2 dogs. If they created this option they could cater the box to have more tug-of-war toys that would go the distance instead of plushie toys that break apart within minutes. Now the company or some people might be saying that you should get 1 box per dog but even in that situation, there is no way that Thor and Storm are going to sit there only playing with what toy is "theirs". They are going to pick which one is best and destroy it together and then move on to the next one. The other customizable option needs to be catered towards the type of bone you get. I don't let Thor and Storm have "break-apart" bones because they swallow pieces whole. They only get antler type bones because it's a gradual wear down and no pieces come off. Being able to choose that would be great and would make me feel like I'm getting more value because I wouldn't have to throw the bone away.

     Besides that this box is great! While it did not last for very long I was very happy to see the dogs have so much fun with it. $30 is pretty inexpensive in the whole scheme of things considering we spend way more than that on them per month anyways. You just have to weigh out the convenience of having it sent to you versus going to the store and picking what you would work. Overall I definitely recommend it. At this point I still haven't decided whether I will still be moving forward with keeping my subscription but I might see what next month is like before I pull the plug on it.

     But now I pass the question off to you, do you have the BarkBox subscription? Do you like it? Do you think it's worth while? Let me know in the comments down below. If you want to buy the BarkBox you can use the link they gave us for our purchase:

     Also if you want to suggest a topic for us to talk about don't hesitate to suggest it, we love hearing about what you want us to write about. Until next time, have a great day!

- Papa Bird