Baby Bird's Progressions

    Well our little Baby Bird has hit the 16 week mark and is fast approaching the 4 month mark!  In other words, she is a third of the way to her one year birthday!!  Insane!  Anyways, I figured I better do an update on where our little peanut is at as she has changed quite a lot and everyday she learns something new.

She hated tummy time for the LONGEST time.  Absolutely hated it.  Papa Bird and I had to formulate a full on cheering squad to get her through 2 minutes!  But we are finally happy to announce that she is getting to a point of actually liking tummy time now (either that or she just likes the excessive attention from the cheering squad).  But regardless, she is doing it and not screaming her head off so we are pretty thrilled.

She sleeps fairly well.  Usually through the night, but generally a few nights of the week she has a 2am wake up that requires a feed.  I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but when you get used to your little one sleeping through the night, that 2am wake up KILLS.  But fortunately it's only a couple could be worse.

She has finally started napping! Yay!  Baby Bird was pretty stubborn about the whole napping thing.  She hated missing out on the days activities.  But she is finally getting to the point of understanding that naps are amazing and she really shouldn't fuss about them.  So hallelujah I can finally get a few things done in the day! 

She's teething.  Yup full on drool, finger chewing, toy chewing, red cheeks, teething.  Fortunately it hasn't disrupted her sleep schedule yet.  Fingers crossed it stays this way.

She is starting to talk and change her voice range.  Which is actually pretty hilarious.  She makes the funniest sounds and actually converses with you cooing and ahhhing.  And she LOVES it when you talk back to her in baby language.

She started splashing in the bath which has made bath time even more fun.  Lots of smiles for everyone!

She hasn't quite rolled over yet, but is ever so close.  Give it another week or so and she should be pretty much there.

She absolutely loves her toes.  She loves looking at them.  Loves playing with them.  And even loves sucking on them!  

She loves her doll.  Absolutely loves it.  Up until this point she hasn't really paid any attention to toys.  But for some reason her doll gets her soo excited.  We've named the doll "Crazy Clementine" because of course her favourite toy needs a name.

She likes watching me eat my cereal at breakfast time.  I'm not sure if she has any idea of what I'm doing, but she seems fascinated by eating.  Maybe it's the crunching of the Cherrios?  Or maybe it's her Dad's appetite ingrained in her.  Either way, it makes her smile and I'll take it!

She loves TV's, cell phones, and computer screens.  She will stare at them endlessly, watching things move and colours change.  She is absolutely mesmerized by technology!

She also likes being photographed.  She loves just staring at the camera whenever we whip it out.  Obviously she is the star of the show and I think she knows it.

She loves her soother and sucking her thumb.  Or our thumb.  Or basically anything she can get into her mouth.  

She has recently enjoyed joining our workouts.  She loves laying on the workout mat, lifting her legs up and down and scooting her bum ever so slightly.  Not sure if she is aware of her excellent abdominal abilities or maybe she is and is just trying to show us up?  As cute as it is, I think she may actually have Papa Bird's fitness love bread into her.  

She is still unsure of strangers and sometimes will play strange.  She is curious though.  But likes to observe from her perch on my shoulder where she knows it's safe.  


     I'm sure I've forgotten a few things, but this sums it up pretty good.  Let me know what your little one is up to in the comments below! 

- Mama Bird