Baby Bird's New Pool

     One of the most enjoyable things as a parent is do fun stuff for your kids. Every time either Mama Bird or I get to see Baby Bird light up with joy because of something we could do for her, it makes our day! It's one of the best feelings!

Mama Bird and Baby Bird

     Baby Bird loves being in the water. It doesn't matter if it's in the bathtub where she splashes like crazy, or the hot springs where she people watches, or the swimming pool where she tries to catch the pool toys, she just loves being in the water. Now that the weather is starting to become really nice, we of course had to buy a little kiddy pool to keep in the backyard. 

Baby Bird In The Pool

     This was her first time going in her new pool and she absolutely loved it! She played in there for over an hour with nothing but happiness and excitement showing on her face (then once she was done and we fed her she was out cold so fast for her nap haha). There is going to be lots of fun times in this pool for her this summer, and maybe the dogs too, and I can't wait for those awesome summer moments.

     I made a little video clip of Baby Bird playing in her new pool. Check it out below!

- Papa Bird