A Proper Intro

    Hello there! And welcome to Two Birds. One Blog!  We figured it was time that we introduced ourselves formally and told you a little bit about our vision behind this blog.  Or in other words what makes us different from the other billion blogs out in the blogosphere.

    So, I’m Christie (Mama Bird) and my husband is Derek (Papa Bird) and we have been together for almost 7 years now (married for almost 2).  We started up this blog at the end of September 2017…about a month and a half after our little Baby Bird was born.  We have two dogs: Thor, our 5 year old chocolate lab, and Storm, our 4 year old yellow lab, of which we love immensely.  In short, we are realistic, wannabe minimalists with a plan to “change the game.”

What You Won’t Find

    We might as well jump right to what you won’t find at Two Birds. One Blog in hopes of saving you from investing valuable time and energy into something that doesn’t meet your needs.

    1. Traditional “He makes the money, She stays at home”

        Papa Bird and I are quite the opposite, in fact.  I’m really not so into the mundane day to day tasks of home maintenance.  Papa Bird takes the cake for that!  He keeps our household organized, clean and functioning like a well oiled machine.  Yes, that means he swiffers the floor and does all the laundry (including folding and putting away).  For me, I find a lot of purpose in going to work.  My career was a major focus for a number of years, prior to starting a family, and it contributes to my sole sense of identity.  I am the mom who had anxiety about going on maternity leave because it was SO far out of my comfort zone.  Crazy I know.  But true and real.  Papa Bird not only keeps our home life in order, but he also runs his own business, Sparrow Training - a private personal fitness training studio, from the confines of our very own garage.  His strong entrepreneur drive has provided him with the perfect balance of being at home while obtaining professional success.  If you can only relate to the “traditional” relationship of “He makes the money, She stays at home,” this blog won’t fill that old school niche.  BUT, if you have an open mind, or find yourself relating to said path, then please read on!

    2. Segregated Roles

        Again, extending from the above point, you won’t find a “His List” and “Her List” anywhere on this site.  Papa Bird and I focus on balancing roles within our relationship and as parents.  That means, we communicate openly, we support each other, we pick each other up, we fill each others voids, and generally seek to really understanding one another.  It also means, we both feed Baby Bird (I pump so he can feed), we both change diapers, we both interact and play “tummy time”, we both soothe and put to bed.  We are a team.  Plain and simple.  Don’t like it?  Then move along.

    3.  “Keep Up With The Jones’” Mentality

        If you’re looking to read about “the same old game,” you won’t be reading about it here.  We are different.  And we are fully aware of it.  But that is part of the fun!  We have a strict vision on “starting from the ground up.”  Meaning, we don’t compare our life to anyone else because, guess what, it’s not like anyone else’s.  This also means, we are creating our own foundation.  For our relationship, for our home life, for our dog’s lives, and most importantly for our little Baby Bird.  So, what you read here, you maybe haven’t read it anywhere else before, because we aren’t your “tried and true” template.  It’s all new baby!

What You Will Find

    Still interested?  Well then, below are some of the things you can expect to stumble upon on Two Birds. One Blog:

    1.  Love, Empowerment, and Overall Support

        These three things are the foundation of our marriage and our life so you can be sure to confront these topics over and over again.  You can expect to read posts with the absolute purest of intentions.  We don’t “cheese” things up or portray an unrealistic persona of ourselves.  It’s all raw and real.  No, we aren’t perfect.  But we have built a pretty awesome foundation for our marriage by learning and growing together and we have high hopes to be able to pass our knowledge along.  We hope to create a community that desires to promote positivity and unconditional love within their own relationships but also within society.

    2. Our Path To Breaking The Mold

        You can be sure to read about our journey on discovering this “new way of life” we hope to instill.  What does this even mean?  Well, it means that we plan to be honest about sharing our experiences on creating a healthy, functional family life.  Having both come from dysfunction, we don’t exactly know what it means to have a healthy, balanced lifestyle, but we are sure we want it!  This blog is evidence of our journey to attain it.

    3.  Self-Discovery

        Life is constantly changing.  And evolving.  And moving faster than we want it too.  This, more often than not, can create stress or anxiety or doubt or all of the above.  It can honestly completely uproot the successful, happy life you thought you had and leave you in the pits of loneliness and despair.  Within this blog, you will find messages of self-growth and self-discovery.  We hope to share the experiences we stumble upon as we evolve our own life.  Whether it be accepting and finding your new identity, or dealing with let down expectations, or grieving over past times, we hope to explore and share it all.

Our Vision With the Blog

    So now that you know what you can expect to find and not find here at Two Birds. One Blog, let’s visit our Vision of our Blog.  By now you know we are realists seeking success and functionality within our marriage and family life.  You understand that we aren’t following the traditional path society has set.  You gather that we are a team and accomplish life as a team.  But what’s the point of it all?  Well our hope is to Change the Game.  Our goal is to provide “another option.”  It’s to disclose our journey of obtaining the life we want in hopes that it inspires you to do the same.  We hope to build a community, right here, with people who want to “break the mold.”  That are starving for diversity and individuality.  That want to conquer all the good in life and really ENJOY it.  If you want a loving marriage, to learn how to build a supportive and functional family, to squeeze all the little bits of good out of life, to read REAL stories, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU.  If you like babies, dogs, our pathetic sense of humour, and the Canadian Rockies, then BONUS, we’ll have so much in common already! 

     If you’ve made it to the end of this, then comment below about how excited you are!! AND then Subscribe now to our email list, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Welcome to the Nest folks! :)