A Halloween Party...Apparently For The Elderly Haha :)

    Last night was our 5th annual Halloween party and like always, it was a great time! The reason I say a party for the elderly because the first 5 people to show up were are dressed up as old people, it was pretty funny. From here on out I will let the photos do the talking.


Before Dark:

After Dark:

If only the camera could pick up the night time effects like I wanted. The floating head ghosts worked amazingly! Oh man Halloween is so much fun!

The Food

    Mama Bird pulled out all the stops on the amazing spread of Halloween treats. She nailed it this year. Gotta love the good eats.

The Game

The girls won again. The girls are up 3-1 in total


and the costume contest winner is...

...Mrs. Doubtfire!

and her prize was an alcohol advent calendar that Mama Bird and I made custom with all kinds of cool beers, liqueurs, and wines.

Another great party but just like that it's over :( it goes by way too fast. Hopefully your Halloween party was also great. Let me know how it went in the comments below and also don't forget to like and share.

- Papa Bird