5 Things I'm Thankful For

    I can’t believe thanksgiving is here already!  Wow can time fly!  Along with the good eats, delicious treats, and friendly company, come the things that I am thankful for this year.  So here are my top 5:

  1. Definitely thankful for Papa Bird.  Looking back on the past 12 months he has had to endure a lot from me.  An entire pregnancy and all the crazy that goes along with that, the birth of Baby Bird, the transition to us both becoming parents, my post partum emotions and oh so much more!  But I have to say through it all he has been my rock.  He has dealt with everything with what seems like so much ease.  He has made my life SO easy by helping out with Baby Bird and reassuring me when I need it.  He is an AMAZING husband and an incredible father and I am SO thankful for him each and every day.  
  2. Baby Bird.  This little one has already brought so much joy to my life.  Everyday she makes my heart melt.  It’s truly incredible to start to see the world from an entirely new perspective.  I am thankful for the growth I’ve experienced so far and I can’t wait for every future moment with this Baby Bird of mine.
  3. Family, Friends, and Furbabies.  Over the past year we have experienced such amazing support from our family and friends.  Making the transition into parenthood is definitely a bit intimidating but we’ve only had endless encouragement from those around us and I am truly thankful for that and them.  It’s truly humbling to bring Baby Bird into such a fantastic community of people.  I am also thankful for the unconditional love our puppies have shown us especially with all the changes this year.  They always seem to know what we as humans need.
  4. My Job.  I have always been very career focused especially over the past few years and it was a bit scary to take such a significant amount of time off with Baby Bird arriving.  I am so thankful that I have a career that still provides me with security and a department that has given me an immense amount of support as I choose to focus on building our family.  I am grateful that I can balance the dual roles of being a professional and a Mama.
  5. Mountains.  Papa Bird and I have made a point to try to visit the mountains as often as we can.  I am thankful that we have the opportunity and ability to make this one of our goals and actually fulfill it.  I feel as though the mountains ground me and allow me to appreciate the simple things in life.  For that I am grateful.

I’d love to hear what you are thankful for this year!  Comment below and Happy Thanksgiving!

- Mama Bird

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