5 Take Aways From Motherhood

    Before I left on maternity leave, my identity was largely associated with work. My last biggest transition was from post secondary to the working world, and I related a lot of purpose in mastering that realm.  Needless to say, the idea of maternity leave scared the crap out of me.  Not only because of the change of routine, but also for the lack of financial contribution I was so used to making.  And to be honest, I didn’t really know who I was or who I would be not going to work. And that little unknown was terrifying.  

    I know people say, “you’ll be busy looking after the baby” and yes there is a lot of truth to that. Babies are strictly dependent creatures and it is entirely up to you to meet 100% of their needs 100% of the time. But I wasn’t scared for that. I knew I would figure it out. I was scared, though, that it wouldn’t be enough. 

Now that I am solidly into 4 months of maternity leave and I am now past half way until I return to work, here is what has set in. 

  1. Life with a baby is busy. And you make the transition literally overnight but truthfully, I haven’t looked back. Not. Even. Once. I don’t miss the pre-baby days. I don’t miss afternoon naps. My love for coffee has become a dependent relationship but I love it. Having a child fulfills you in a way that nothing else can and it’s worth all the busy.
  2. Life now is full of love. Not just for the love I have for Baby Bird, but the evolving love I have for Papa Bird. I’ve never been more grateful and appreciative of my little family than this very moment. Seeing Papa Bird be the best dad in the world, melts my heart. Seeing him transition into being a dad and evolving into an even better husband at the same time, is straight up amazing. Everywhere I turn there is an abundance of love. 
  3. I do miss work. I’ve struggled being off work and not contributing financially. And it has taken awhile for me to understand this.  But ultimately I’ve found other ways to fill my time, like this blog, focusing on my fitness journey and helping Papa Bird out with whatever I can for his business. I’ve learned that there are ways to contribute outside of finances and going to work. Coming to this realization has actually put me on edge about returning to work because I am so loving working from home and exploring my entrepreneurial side (something I NEVER thought would happen). 
  4. Becoming a parent has been the biggest and fastest personal growth journey I’ve ever experienced. Yes, there are all the little things to learn, like soothing a baby, breastfeeding, changing diapers at record speed, but I’m talking more overall. The mental and physical changes I have gone through have surmounted anything I’ve ever accomplished! And it’s exciting and rewarding and awe-inspiring! I literally feel unstoppable because I’m doing it all and killing it! Personal growth is something so important to me, and to be honest, I didn’t realize that becoming a parent would fulfill this for me in the way that it has.
  5. I am so clear on all my dreams and life visions and I am energized to crush them. Never in my life have I felt so certain of what I want. For some reason having a baby has made me realize that I love my family more than anything. I’d love to one day be able to work from home so I can be completed involved. On top of that we are working towards our dream of living in the Rockies every single day. And it is so incredible to have such a clear understanding of what we want and to actually be on a road to achieving it. 

Photo taken by Ashley Toon of First Glance Studios

    Having a baby has been life changing in a way I never though imaginable. Yes, there have been difficult days. Like really hard ones. More than you think will happen. And so much harder than anything you’ve ever experienced. But, with every hard day, you get stronger and stronger and stronger. You learn about yourself. You discover your true values and beliefs. You re-develop your purpose. Literally, becoming a mom has made me shed my old self and rebuild this new incredible woman who is ready to take on the world and achieve everything I want.  And I am honoured to be able to be this person for my daughter. Let me know what you've taken away as a new mom in the comments below.

- Mama Bird