5 Etsy Shops For Baby Products


     Etsy is a pretty awesome online store for anything handmade that you can think of. You can easily get lost for hours looking for different products to buy. With so many different shops and products to choose from we compiled a list of our favourite 5 Etsy Shops For Baby Products at one of our readers requests. So here are our favourite 5 with a little bonus at the end.

Little Lucy Co

Little Lucy Co

They make handmade baby head wraps and they are local (for us that is). We have purchased a head wrap from them and Baby Bird looks so cute in it!


Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 8.42.01 PM.png

Rocky Mountain Decals

They make fantastic wall art to really make the nursery stand out. You can go as simple or vibrant as you want. We chose to go with a simple approach for Baby Bird's room with pink hearts for one wall. If we had a boy, we were going to go with the mountain decal. The great thing with all these decals is they are just stickers that don't ruin the paint or your wall at all.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 4.44.47 PM.png

Baby Boos Designs

Now we haven't technically boughten anything from this store, but we were given one of their blankets personalized with Baby Bird's name, as a gift. They blanket is SOOO incredibly soft and very well made. Definitely worth checking out.

Crochet Sneaker Store

Now we haven't boughten anything from this store but Papa Bird really wants too. With so many awesome Air Jordan, Nike, and Yeezy mini crochet shoes to choose from, as soon as he found this shop he had to put it on the list haha. They also make mini Adidas crochet tracksuits. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 5.45.55 AM.png

Witty and Bitty

Witty and Bitty has fun clothing designs for babies with sooo many categories to choose from, like nerdy, holidays, animals, and many more. They also do personalized outfits with your babies name on them and as far we could tell, they are one of the least expensive stores to do this. At only $21.20 Canadian, that is not very expensive compared to some other personalized shops.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 5.56.56 AM.png

BONUS: Sweet Sunday Crochet

Now this isn't an Etsy shop so I couldn't put it on the Top 5 list but I wanted to include it as a bonus. A friend of ours makes these crocheted stuffed animals and they are fantastic. She actually made one for Baby Bird as well as baby Jordan's. The quality is amazing. Now she doesn't have an Etsy shop but here is her Instagram where you can direct message her for details on how to buy one of her cute stuffed animals or you can email her at sweetsundaycrochet@gmail.com

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