2017: A Review of the Year


Thor and Storm started Jan 1 2017 by destroying a toy. Thor hates it when I pack so he lays on the clothes to make it difficult. Thor making it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Our first ultrasound of Baby Bird. Thor watching a dog on tv.


We bought Baby Bird her first pair of Air Jordan's. Our baby announcement photo. We took our trip to Canmore. We did fat biking in Canmore. We went for hikes in the river valley.


Thor always lays in the sunbeam. Playtime in the backyard. The dogs got some new antlers to chew on. Thor and Storm lounging after some playtime. We had a family fort night binge watching tv and sleeping downstairs.


Thor taking my spot at the table. Thor and Storm destroying another toy. Exercising in the gym. (These are literary the only 3 pictures I have from this month. apparently it was a slow month haha)


Mama Bird and I did lots of biking. We got dressed up for a wedding. We took a trip to Canmore. Thor tried to figure out how to get into the rocking chair in the nursery. We took another trip to Canmore.


We had a picnic in the park. We food prepped like crazy. We toured a castle (Vacation to Kingston, ON). I did a tree top adventure obstacle course (Vacation to Kingston, ON). I had the best burger ever (Vacation to Kingston, ON).


Mama Bird's belly started to get big. I went on a great fishing trip with my Dad. We started folding Baby Bird's clothes and getting her room ready. The dogs destroyed sooo many toys this month. We had our maternity photo shoot.


We welcomed Baby Bird into the world. Such an amazing moment. We kept Baby Bird nice and cozy and swaddled up like a baby burrito. Thor and Storm met the new addition to the family. We had our newborn photo shoot.


The family went to Canmore. Baby Bird sucked her thumb for the first time. Good timing landed me one of my favourite photos. The family took another trip to Canmore (Canmore is the best!). Thor got jealous of me napping with Baby Bird so I had to nap with him too.


Baby Bird looks menacing compared to Arnold. Baby Bird started smiling at us. Baby Bird got put in a pumpkin. I created the floating heads for Halloween. Baby Bird's unicorn Halloween costume was a big hit.


We put the Christmas tree up. We went for lots of hikes in the river valley. Baby Bird got a practice photo shoot. Mama Bird and I went on a few date nights away from Baby Bird. We had our family Christmas photo shoot.


Lots of workout time with Baby Bird. Santa's little helper wrapping gifts. Trying to get lots of fat bike rides in. Baby Bird's first Christmas. Thor and Storm ripping apart their Christmas toys. Me indulging in my yearly cinnamon bun demolition (I ate 4 :O but it only happens once a year so I have to go all out haha). Mama Bird and I getting dressed up for Christmas dinner at my parents.

Another year gone by. Lots of great moments! Looking forward to another year full of amazing memories! Bring on 2018!

- Papa Bird