Top 10...Things Our Kids Will Never Experience

10. Checking The TV Guide


I remember flipping through the TV guide to find out what was on. If there was a group of people watching TV then you had to read out all the possibilities.

"Ok we have Fresh Prince on at 5 but that's an hour away. So in the mean time we could watch Saved by The Bell or Full House or Much Music. What do you guys want?"

Or reading ahead in the schedule and making mental notes of upcoming shows and movies you wanted to make sure you watched later on in the week.

9 Having Physical Copies of Everything

It is definitely a thing of the past to have the physical copies of everything taking up space in your house. Whether it's CD's, movies, photographs, or even books, nowadays everything is stored digitally and then just backed up on hard drives. Even though it's more convenient to store it digitally I'm still not getting rid of my DVD collection. In fact when I rewatch my favourite shows I still try and watch it them on DVD even if they are on Netflix or any other subscription service. It feels better to me haha.

8. Watching Music Videos on Much Music or MTV


With Youtube the young ones will never know the pain of sitting through the worst music videos just because you know one of your favourite music videos is coming up in a few songs. Or not knowing if it will play at all but watching the entire hour long show just in case it does show up. Then if it doesn't play feeling like you wasted an hour of your life for nothing.

7. Having A Home Phone


Having a home phone centrally located in the house tethered to the wall with a 10' foot cord. I remembering answering the phone and if it wasn't for me, covering the mouth piece and just screaming, "MOM, THE PHONE'S FOR YOU!". Then getting back on the line and saying ever so gently, "Just a sec, she'll be right on".

6. Memorizing Phone Numbers


The amount of phone numbers that you can remember when you absolutely need to know them is ridiculous. I could recite every phone number of every friend and family member no problem, as well as pizza places and movie directories or any other information needed. Nowadays I bet I couldn't recite the 10 most used phone numbers in my phone or even the 5 most used haha.

5. Making Mixtape’s and Mix CD’s


It was such a great feeling getting a song recorded onto a cassette from the radio perfectly timed so that there was no radio announcer talking and you didn't miss one second of the song. Or when I got my first double tape deck boom box so I could record songs from a purchased cassette to my mix one. Then once CD's came along choose this perfect list that suits the mood you were going for and trying to fit the exact number of songs to use the full space that the CD offered. Them naming the mix and writing on the cassette or CD in sharpie in weird writing that fits the genre of that specific mix.

4. Prank Calling Strangers With No Risk of Consequence

Before the days of caller ID or *69 as a kid you could go hog wild prank phone calling random or specific people and have so much fun. If you had two home phones one of you would do the prank call with the funny voices or whatever and then the rest of you would listen on the other line. Then once we found out about a site called 'Ebaumsworld', which was just full of pointless garbage, had sound boards of famous people in movies. So you could click a button and have Arnold Schwarzenegger say "Who is your daddy and what does he do?" from 'Kindergarten Cop' and hear people hilarious responses when they think they are on the phone with Arnold haha.

3. Sitting Through or Using TV Commercials


Our kids will never understand the pain and frustration of waiting a few minutes at multiple times throughout a half hour show. Or using the commercial to get stuff done because you couldn't pause the show. It would be, "Ok commercial I'm going to go the bathroom" or "I'm going to go get some snacks". And if you didn't make it back in time you would hear someone from the TV room yelling, "IT'S BACK ON", at which point you speedily get done what you're doing and run back to the couch.

2. People Following Through

This one is a HUGE one that has definitely changed since texting and messaging communication. Now it's way too easy for someone to bail on plans by just typing a few words or ignoring it completely and then messaging later on with an excuse of having something come up. You couldn't do that before. If you wanted to bail on plans you had to phone them or talk to them face to face and lie which is tough to do or you would have to be honest and then deal with the possibility of them being upset with you. A much better way to do things if you ask me.

1. Renting A Movie At Blockbuster


Definitely something I really miss. Yes the convenience of Netflix or other streaming services is fantastic but the event of going to the video store to pick out a movie was sometimes more fun than the movie itself. You and friends or family would be joking around having a blast. Then there was the gamble of going there for a specific movie and finding out it's all rented. As well as picking up some treats to eat during the movie. The whole outing was so much fun.

Now I pass the question off to you, what do you think? What other things could be on the list for you? Let me know in the comments below.

- Papa Bird