My Dream Album

If you have you dream album come true, who would it be by, who would be featured, who would produce it? If you could design every element about it what would it be? I think this is a fun topic to talk about although maybe this is ridiculous to most people. Oh well, I like it, so here we go, my dream album.


Nas and DJ Premier

Nas and DJ Premier.jpg

Getting the best rapper of all time and the best producer of all time together for a collaboration album would be fantastic! Their collaboration history is unbelievable: Represent, N.Y. State of Mind, Nas Is Like, and 2nd Childhood to name just a few classics.

Nas and DJ Premier 2.jpg


DJ Premier


Obviously DJ Premier would handle all the production. Nobody can create the essence of hip hop more so than DJ Premier. I would only add 3 more producers who would co-produce 1 song each.  Those 3 additional producers would be Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Classified. Premo and Dr. Dre have already worked together so I know that would be great but getting Em and Premo together would be great too. It would be crazy! Also Classified and DJ Premier have worked together too so I know it would be great as well!


Almost all the featured artists I would choose have all worked with either Nas or DJ Premier so the history is there and the proof of quality music making together is there. But even the artists on this lists who haven't worked with them are high quality artists so regardless the quality would definitely be there. All these collaborations would be music magic!

The Featured Artists I Would Choose Would Be:


Being that AZ is my second favourite artist of all time right behind Nas, he would get 2 features on this album. Plus he has a long history of working with both Nas and DJ Premier.

Big Boi of Outkast

Although he hasn't worked with either Nas or DJ Premier, I think the collaboration would be fantastic. Big Boi is one of the best rappers ever and is one half of the greatest rap duo of all of time. Also in my opinion he has one of the top 3 voices in the industry.

Big Boi of Outkast

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is one of the greatest entertainers of all time. I know he has had wild personal life and a lot of people hate him for that. But you can't deny that he went it comes to anything entertainment related he is top notch. He is one of the most sought after artists to have on your album in the hip hop world. He also has done songs with Nas so the evidence is there that the quality would be great.

Chris Brown and Nas


Canada's best rapper and one of my personal favourite artists would be a must on this album. Classified is all about the realness, whether that's rhyming or on the production board as he produces all his own work. His additional production and rapping would make for a great song!



Arguably the greatest rapper ever (I don't know of anyone who could argue the other side of that statement) and another one of my personal favourite artists would be a must on this album. He has done work with Nas before as he produced the song "The Cross" for Nas. He has also stated that he wants to work with DJ Premier and I know that if the 3 of them got together it would be an insanely amazing song!

Eminem and Nas


Logic is making huge waves lately and popping up everywhere. And rightfully so as he is an incredibly talented artist. He is the newest artist to get into my personal Top 10 artists as everyone else on the list is more old school but he deserves to be there. He has done work with DJ Premier through Premier's group 'Rhyme' with Royce Da 5'9" on the songs 'Mode' and 'Mode II'. He has also stated that Nas is one of his inspirations and the respect is mutual. In Logic's song, 'Welcome to Forever' he raps:

"Remember meeting Nas for the first time
Shook his hand and he started quoting my lines
Said he a fan, goddamn this is my time
I'ma get it, I'ma do it till we prime time
I told him every single day that I be at it
In the studio recording like an addict
He said that real hip-hop shit I had it
Thinking to myself, "Damn, man, you made Illmatic"
Logic and DJ Premier

Method Man

Another living legend and one of the greatest rappers of all time, Method Man would be a fantastic addition to this album. He also has arguably the best rap voice ever, and his flow and style are so smooth, Method Man is truly one of the greats. He has done work with both Nas ('Grand Finale' from the Belly Soundtrack) and DJ Premier ('Rap Phenomenon' and 'N 2 Gether Now').

Method Man and Nas


Easily one of the best R&B artists out there. He just keeps making great music with every album. He has also made songs with both Nas ('Summer On Smash') and DJ Premier ('2 Lovin U'). He is an easy addition to this dream album.

Royce Da 5'9"

Royce Da 5'9" is one of the best lyricist's in the game and could go bar for bar with pretty much any rapper out there. He is also the artist who works with Premier the most besides the late Guru of DJ Premier's first group Gang Starr. Royce and Preem have their own group called 'PRhyme' and have already put out 2 albums that will be considered classic. I think Royce and Nas would rap really well together and I am surprised they haven't done a collab before. Regardless Royce would add some intense lyrical gems for the song he would be featured on.

Premier and Royce Da 5'9"

I have come up with with the track list and how I would place the featured and I have come up with names of the tracks. Just a little fun :)

Here is the proposed track list:

  1. Intro
  2. New York, New York, New York (N.Y. State of Mind Part III) feat. AZ and Method Man
  3. Take A Trip Down Memory Lane
  4. Business
  5. Behind The Scenes feat. Logic and Big Boi of Outkast
  6. Legends
  7. Take Em Back To 90's feat. Classified (co-produced by Classified)
  8. Lyrical Laceration feat. Eminem and Royce Da 5'9" (co-produced by Eminem)
  9. Time For A Story
  10. One More Time feat. Chris Brown
  11. I Think Of You feat. Miguel
  12. Firm Fiasco Part II feat. AZ (co-produced by Dr. Dre)
  13. Leaving A Legacy
  14. Outro

If somehow this album could be created that would be amazing! I know it won't happen but it's fun to think about. If it does happen I want an executive producer credit ;) haha. What would your  dream album creation be?